Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cloak And Dagger 2017 Reading Challenge

This challenge is hosted by Stormi at Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh My! and Barb at Booker T's Farm.

From Stormi:

This year Barb and I have decided to open up a facebook group for all of us who are addicted to mysteries, as we thought it would be fun to chat now and then about those mysteries we are reading. You read a really good one and want to give it a shout out, or if your curious to see what everyone is reading, or want to tease us with a tidbit from your current read, or just general chatter. πŸ™‚ Here is the groups link: It’s a closed group so just ask to join and we shall let you in. πŸ™‚

Challenge Rules:
  • You can read any book that is from the mystery/suspense/thriller/crime genres. Any sub-genres are welcome as long as they incorporate one of these genres.
  • You don’t need a blog to participate but you do need a place to post your reviews to link up. (blog, goodreads, booklikes, shelfari, etc.)
  • Make a goal post and link it back here with your goal for this challenge.
  • Books need to be novellas or novels, please no short stories. (At least 100 pages +)
  • Crossovers into other challenges  are fine.
  • The Challenge will  be from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st. (Sign up ends April 15th)

There will be a monthly link up so that others can check out your progress and look at your reviews. At the halfway mark and at the end we will have a giveaway for those participating.

If you tweet about your progress or reviews please use the hashtag #2017CloakDaggerChal so others can see it.

5-15 books – Amateur sleuth
16-25 books – Detective
26-35 books – Inspector
36–55 books – Special agent
56+ books – Sherlock Holmes

I don’t know about you but I seem to gain more series than I finish, so  think I am going to make 2017 the year of finishing some series! πŸ™‚ To help along with that Barb and Thought we would make a mini challenge within the Cloak and Dagger challenge.

Can you finish a series in a year? Or how about two or three series? The amount will be up to you! At the end of the year, we will have you link up the last book in the series or at least the last book that is out and published as it can be a series that is still going on. You can then sign up for the series ender giveaway for a $5 gift card. It’s a totally optional challenge, but we just wanted to try something different this year. πŸ™‚


I signed up at the Special Agent level, to read and review 36-55 mysteries / suspense / thrillers. I'll list my progress here.

1.  15 Minutes by Larissa Reinhart (reviewed here)

2.  Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones (reviewed here)

3.  Poison is the New Black by Chelsea Field (reviewed here)

4.  First Degree Mudder by Kate E. Dyer-Seeley (reviewed here)

5.  Phantom Quartz by Barbra Annino (reviewed here)

Amateur Sleuth level reached

6.  Cat Got Your Diamonds by Julie Chase (reviewed here)

7.  No Way Home by Annette Dashofy (reviewed here)

8.  Cat Got Your Cash by Julie Chase (reviewed here)

9.  Designer Dirty Laundry by Diane Vallere (reviewed here)

10. Buyer, Beware by Diane Vallere (reviewed here)

11. A Crime of Passion Fruit by Ellie Alexander (reviewed here)

12. Bloodline by Vicki Vass (reviewed here)

13. The Brim Reaper by Diane Vallere (reviewed here)

14. Some Like It Haute by Diane Vallere (reviewed here

15. Grand Theft Retro by Diane Vallere (reviewed here)

16. Pearls Gone Wild by Diane Vallere (reviewed here)

Detective level reached

17. Cement Stilettos by Diane Vallere (reviewed here)

18. Dream a Little Death by Susan Kandel (reviewed here)

19. Iced by Avery Daniels (reviewed here)

20. Booked 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton (reviewed here)

21. Poison and Prejudice by Chelsea Field (reviewed here)

22. Too Many Women in the Room by Joanne Guidoccio (reviewed here)

23. Cat About Town by Cate Conte (reviewed here)

24. Audition for Murder by P.M. Carlson (reviewed here)

25. All Signs Point to Murder by Connie Di Marco (reviewed here)

26. Dadgummit by Maggie Toussaint (reviewed here)

Inspector level reached

27. Vangie Vale and the Murdered Macaron by R. L. Syme (reviewed here)

28. Murder, She Floats by Rachael Stapleton (reviewed here)

29. A Christmas Peril by J. A. Hennrikus (reviewed here)

30. Protocol by Kathleen Valenti (reviewed here)

31. Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase (reviewed here)

32. Calamity at the Continental Club by Colleen J. Shogan (reviewed here)

33. In The Stars by Zanna Mackenzie (reviewed here)

34. Vangie Vale And The Corpseless Custard by R.L. Syme (reviewed here)

35. Deadspeak by Ruth Bainbridge (reviewed here)

36. Cold As Ice by Julie Mulhern (reviewed here)

Special Agent level reached

37. The Case of the Clobbered Cad by Debra E. Marvin (reviewed here)

38. Bones to Pick by Linda Lovely (reviewed here)

39. 16 Millimeters by Larissa Reinhart (reviewed here)

40. Sleuthing Women II by Lois Winston, et al (reviewed here)

41. The Precious Pachyderm by Karen Christino (reviewed here)

42. A Deadly Γ‰clair by Daryl Wood Gerber (reviewed here)

43. Scrapbook of Murder by Lois Winston (reviewed here)

Challenge Completed