Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Seven-Course Christmas Killer: A Holiday Novella from the Italian Kitchen | Review

Rosie Genova, author of the Italian Kitchen Mysteries, serves up a new dish this week with the release of her e-book holiday novella, The Seven Course Christmas Killer: A Holiday Novella from the Italian Kitchen. Priced at 99¢, the e-book is available on Amazon and most other retailers.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve, as Vic and the gang prepare the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes for their annual holiday party. But before you can say “shrimp scampi,” Mayor Anne McCrae takes a nasty fall that may not be an accident. Add a nosy reporter, guests with grudges, and a missing kitchen knife — and Vic suddenly has all the ingredients for murder!

The Blurb

On Christmas Eve, someone might be sleeping with the fishes. . .

It’s December at the Casa Lido, which means only one thing: the Rienzi family’s traditional Christmas Eve celebration, including wine, song, and seven Italian seafood courses. As Victoria and Tim prep scungilli and calamari, Nonna directs the cooking until all is in readiness for the big night.

But the holiday cheer is interrupted by the attempted murder of Mayor Anne McCrae, who asks Vic to investigate. Trouble is, there are as many suspects as there are fishes on the Christmas Eve menu . . .

The Seven-Course Christmas Killer 
by Rosie Genova

Series: An Italian Kitchen Mystery, #3.5
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Culinary Mystery, Holiday
Publisher: Beyond the Page
Publication Date: November 27, 2016
Print Length: 77 pages
e-Book File Size: 421 KB

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Taste of Christmas by Chelsea Field | Short Story | Review

I just read the best short story, y'all — Taste of Christmas, by Chelsea Field. Let me tell you a little about it.

Synopsis, from Goodreads:

Mistletoe seems a whole lot less romantic once you’ve been poisoned by it. Isobel Avery would know—it’s one of the perks of being an undercover poison taster for the rich and famous. Still, with the weather as cold as it gets in Los Angeles and a hot new date, Izzy has a few ideas on how to keep herself warm this Christmas. They just don’t start under mistletoe. 

However, before her cozy plans can come to fruition, she needs to survive meeting her date’s family over Christmas lunch. With a long, awkward road trip that has her wondering whether she’s fallen for the Grinch, a mysterious poisoner intent on killing the holiday spirit, and a Santa’s sackful of secrets she’s not allowed to spill, Izzy will need a Christmas miracle to avoid disaster. 

The real question is, will her evening be naughty… or not? 

Taste of Christmas by Chelsea Field
Series: An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery short story, #2.5
Genre: Cozy Mystery  
Publication Date: November 24, 2016
Publisher: JFP Trust
Print Length: 38 pages
e-Book File Size: 2481 KB

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Invasive Species by Frankie Bow | Blog Tour with Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway

Frankie Bow is back, with another book in the Molly Barda Mystery series!

The Blurb

Professor Molly Barda is thrilled to be included in a grant to investigate attitudes toward biotechnology. But she immediately finds herself embroiled in the deadly fight between big biotech and anti-GMO activists. When Molly and her best friend Emma Nakamura stumble onto the scene of a brutal murder, they realize that everyone has something to hide —  and there are some questions you don’t ask.

The Professor Molly mysteries are the first campus murder mysteries set in Hawaii.

The Invasive Species: In Which Molly Deals With
GMOs, the Paleo Diet, the Big Box Church, Veganism, Yoga, and Marriage 
by Frankie Bow

Series: A Professor Molly Mystery, #4
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Hawaiian Heritage Press
Publication Date: April 30, 2016
Hardcover: 350 pages
ISBN-10: 1943476217
ISBN-13: 978-1943476213
Paperback: 346 pages
ISBN-10: 1943476209
ISBN-13: 978-1943476206
Kindle: 807 KB File Size
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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Devil’s Flood by Pearl R. Meaker | Blog Tour with Excerpt, Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

The author of The Devil's Hook is back, with another Emory Crawford Mystery!

The Blurb

Sometimes the past won't stay in the past.

Twombly and Golden County’s past and present are bound together by the legend of Sutton House, which vanished during a record flood in 1844. Twombly College has sponsored an archeological team to find the lost house, but therein they discover two mummified men, both with gunshot wounds, and a pistol lying between them.

Add moonshine to the mix when it’s discovered that the old illegal liquor trade is alive and well in Golden County. Teens are the ones drinking it — until there is a murder.

Will Emory and Madison be able to sort myths and rumors from the facts to solve both mysteries?

The Devil’s Flood by Pearl R. Meaker
Series: An Emory Crawford Mystery, #3
Genre: Cozy Mystery  
Publication Date: October 25, 2016
Publisher: Promontory Press
Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN-10: 1987857577
ISBN-13: 978-1987857573
e-Book File Size: 1763 KB
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The Excerpt

Monday, October 31, 2016

Doggone It by Maggie Toussaint | Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

The Blurb

Dreamwalker Baxley Powell can’t remember the last time she had such a crappy weekend. A twilight encounter with a ghost dog left her numb and disoriented, her dreamwalker abilities are wiped out, and the sheriff just summoned her to a double homicide.

With no access to the spirit world, Baxley bluffs her way through the crime scene where a movie star’s assistant and a charter boat captain were strung up and bled dry. In a haunted house, no less. Figuring out who killed these people will be a real challenge without her ability to speak to the dead.

Just when Baxley thinks her powers are returning, her dreamwalks malfunction. With the sheriff pushing her to solve the case quickly, Baxley teams up with a dognapping medium to boost her powers.

Suspects include the captain’s good-for-nothing brother, the assistant’s replacement, and, of course, his stalker. All of Sinclair County is on edge, and the media circus isn’t helping. At stake are the movie’s funding, the sheriff’s job, and Baxley’s senses.

Can Baxley safeguard her abilities and solve the case before the killer strikes again?

Haunted houses, lost pirate treasure, conniving in-laws, supernatural baddies, and a determined ghost dog test amateur sleuth Baxley Powell’s mettle in Book Three of Toussaint’s Dreamwalker Series.

Doggone It by Maggie Toussaint
Series: A Dreamwalker Mystery, #3
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Publisher: Five Star
Publication Date: October 19, 2016
Hardcover: 292 pages
ISBN-10: 143283231X
ISBN-13: 978-1432832315
eBook File Size: 1104 KB


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