Thursday, July 30, 2015

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Marty Wingate | Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

The author of The Red Book of Primrose House is back with another Potting Shed Mystery!

The Blurb

Perfect for fans of Laura Childs, Ellery Adams, and Jenn McKinlay, Marty Wingate’s enchanting Potting Shed Mystery series heads to Scotland as Pru Parke plans her wedding . . . all while a vengeful murderer is poised to strike again.  

After her romantic idyll with the debonair Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse culminates in a marriage proposal, Pru Parke sets about arranging their nuptials while diving into a short-term gig at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. At hand is the authentication of a journal purportedly penned by eighteenth-century botanist and explorer Archibald Menzies. Compared to the chaos of wedding planning, studying the journal is an agreeable task . . . that is, until a search for a missing cat leads to the discovery of a dead body: One of Pru’s colleagues has been conked on the head with a rock and dumped from a bridge into the Water of Leith.

Pru can’t help wondering if the murder has something to do with the Menzies diary. Is the killer covering up a forgery? Among the police’s many suspects are a fallen aristocrat turned furniture maker, Pru’s overly solicitous assistant, even Pru herself. Now, in the midst of sheer torture by the likes of flamboyant wedding dress designers and eccentric church organists, Pru must also uncover the work of a sly murderer — unless this bride wants to walk down the aisle in handcuffs.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
by Marty Wingate

Series: A Potting Shed Mystery, #3
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Alibi / Random House LLC
Publication Date: August 4, 2015
E-Book File Size: 2076 KB
Print Length: 276 pages
ISBN: 9780804177726
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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection by Barbara Venkataraman | Blog Tour with Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway

The Blurb

The Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection by Barbara Venkataraman
Box Set Books 1 - 3
Death by Didgeridoo
The Case of the Killer Divorce
Peril in the Park
Series: Jamie Quinn Mystery, # 1 - 3
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: September 3, 2014
eBook File Size: 839 KB
Print Length: 338 pages

Death by Didgeridoo — Winner of the Indie Book of the Day award. Reluctant lawyer, Jamie Quinn, still reeling from the death of her mother, is pulled into a game of deception, jealousy, and vengeance when her cousin, Adam, is wrongfully accused of murder. It's up to Jamie to find the real murderer before it's too late. It doesn't help that the victim is a former rock star with more enemies than friends, or that Adam confessed to a murder he didn't commit. 

Death by Didgeridoo
A Jamie Quinn Mystery, #1

The Case of the Killer Divorce — Reluctant lawyer, Jamie Quinn, has returned to her family law practice after a hiatus due to the death of her mother. It's business as usual until a bitter divorce case turns into a murder investigation, and Jamie's client becomes the prime suspect. When she can't untangle truth from lies, Jamie enlists the help of Duke Broussard, her favorite private investigator, to try to clear her client's name. And she’s hoping that, in his spare time, he can help her find her long-lost father. 

The Case of the Killer Divorce
A Jamie Quinn Mystery, #2

Peril in the Park — There's big trouble in the park system. Someone is making life difficult for Jamie Quinn's boyfriend, Kip Simons, the new director of Broward County parks. Was it the angry supervisor passed over for promotion? The disgruntled employee Kip recently fired? Or someone with a bigger ax to grind? If Jamie can't figure it out soon, she may be looking for a new boyfriend because there’s a dead guy in the park and Kip has gone missing! With the help of her favorite P.I., Duke Broussard, Jamie must race the clock to find Kip before it’s too late. 

Peril in the Park
A Jamie Quinn Mystery, #3

A preview of the next Jamie Quinn Mystery, Engaged in Danger, can be found at the end of the book.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Caught Read-Handed by Terrie Farley Moran | Blog Tour with Review, Guest Post, Giveaway

From the national bestselling author of Well Read, Then Dead comes the second mystery featuring Sassy Cabot and Bridgy Mayfield, who bring Fort Myers Beach, Florida, residents plenty of sinful treats and killer reads at their bookstore cafĂ©, Read ’Em and Eat.

The Blurb

Happy to help her fellow bibliophiles, Sassy visits the local library with book donations for the annual fundraising sale. Unfortunately, the welcoming readers’ haven is in turmoil as an argument erupts between an ornery patron and new library volunteer, Tanya Lipscome — also known as “Tanya Trouble.”

She may lack people skills, but everyone is shocked when Tanya is later found murdered in her own hot tub. The man last seen arguing with her is soon arrested. But Alan Mersky, a veteran with PTSD, happens to be the brother of Sassy’s former boss — and he’s no murderer. Now it’s up to Sassy and Bridgy to clear Alan’s name and make sure the real killer gets booked.

Includes a recipe for Miss Marple's Orange Iced Scones!

Caught Read-Handed by Terrie Farley Moran
Series: A Read 'Em and Eat Mystery, #2
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Culinary Mystery
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 0425270297
ISBN-13: 978-0425270295
e-Book File Size: 1475 KB
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Monday, July 13, 2015

A Batter of Life and Death By Ellie Alexander | Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

The Blurb

Welcome to Torte — a small-town family bakeshop where the coffee is hot, the muffins are fresh, and the cakes are definitely to die for…

It’s autumn in Ashland, Oregon — ’tis the season for a spiced hot apple cider with a serving (or two) of Torte’s famous peach cobbler. It’s also the perfect time for Jules Capshaw to promote her family’s beloved bake shop by competing in The Pastry Channel’s reality show, Take the Cake. The prize is $25,000. But as Jules quickly learns, some people would kill for that kind of dough. Literally.

Then, just as Jules dusts off her Bavarian Chocolate Cake recipe and cinches up her apron, the corpse of a fellow contestant is discovered — death by buttercream. What began as a fun, tasteful televised adventure has morphed into something of a true-crime detective show for Jules and everybody else on set. Who could have killed Chef Marco, and why? Can Jules sift out the killer before someone else gets burned?

Praise ~

"Delicious!" — Edith Maxwell                          

"An intriguing new series." — Reader to Reader

A Batter of Life and Death by Ellie Alexander
Series: A Bakeshop Mystery, #2
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Culinary Mystery
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: June 30, 2015
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 1250054249
ISBN-13: 978-1250054241
e-Book File Size: 1094 KB
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Case of the Dotty Dowager by Cathy Ace | Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

Cathy Ace, the author of the Cait Morgan Mysteries, is back with an exciting new series!

The Blurb

Meet the Women of the WISE Enquiries Agency. The first in a new series.

Henry Twyst, eighteenth Duke of Chellingworth, is convinced his mother is losing her marbles. She claims to have seen a corpse on the dining-room floor, but all she has to prove it is a bloodied bobble hat.

Worried enough to retain the women of the WISE Enquiries Agency — one is Welsh, one Irish, one Scottish and one English — Henry wants the strange matter explained away. But the truth of what happened at the Chellingworth Estate, set in the rolling Welsh countryside near the quaint village of Anwen by Wye, is more complex, dangerous, and deadly, than anyone could have foreseen . . .

The Case of the Dotty Dowager by Cathy Ace
Series: A WISE Enquiries Agency Mystery, #1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Severn House Publishers
Publication Date (US): July 1, 2015
Hardcover: 224 pages
ISBN-10: 0727884956
ISBN-13: 978-0727884954
E-Book File Size: 1708 KB
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bigfoot Blues by Ricardo Sanchez | Blog Tour with Review and Excerpt

Author Ricardo Sanchez is back, with another Elvis Sightings Mystery!

 The Blurb

She eloped with Bigfoot. Or maybe Bigfoot kidnapped her. Either way, I've been hired to uncover the truth behind Cindy Funk's disappearance. Me? I'm Floyd, and I'm a PI living my life as Elvis would have wanted. Not just in sequined jumpsuits. With character.

Cindy's trail leads me to River City, Oregon — aka the Mythical Creature Capital of the World — where I catch Case #2. This one from an eccentric billionaire who's lost a priceless piece of "art." Enter one dead body and I end up deputized to solve Case #3, tracking down a man-eating mountain lion. Or maybe it's a chupacabra. Or just an ordinary murderer. Hard to say.

I've handled my fair share of crazy, but River City's secrets have me spooked. With an influx of tourists arriving for the town's annual Elvis tribute contest — what are the chances? — I've got to save the girl, solve the rich guy's problem and leash that chupacabra before a second body is discovered. It might just be mine.

Read more about Floyd's adventures in Elvis Sightings, available now!

Bigfoot Blues by Ricardo Sanchez
Series: An Elvis Sightings Mystery, #2
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: May 4, 2015
E-Book File Size: 756 KB

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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon | Book Blast with Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway

The Blurb

A brutal murder stuns the quiet South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. No grieving parents come forward to claim the unknown girl’s body, and there aren’t any clues. The police are inexperienced. The local media are casting blame and demanding answers. A mini-culture war is brewing . . .

So what do the civic leaders do? They hire Bruno X, Psychic Detective.

No joke, the guy’s got talent. And a track record. Sure, you’re going to have to put up with some Yiddish trash talk and recycled borscht belt shtick. Sure, his psychic shtick is a bit unorthodox. Yet, somehow, he gets results — solving long-forgotten mysteries locked inside the old brick Quaker meeting house, and stopping the crime spree in the ordinarily placid Quaker community of Gardenfield, New Jersey.

Follow Bruno X in Michael Sheldon's fictional debut, THE VIOLET CROW as he fends off rabid journalists and feckless politicians; untangles webs of deceit in Professor Littlejohn’s Deviant Behavior 101 class; reveals why the Quakers are still fighting over decades-old military medical experiments; and finally, uncovers the secrets of the biotechnology firm whose symbol is The Violet Crow.

The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon 
Series: A Bruno X Psychic Detective Mystery, #1
Genre: Mystery
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Liberty Island  
eBook File Size: 614 KB
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The Excerpt