Friday, June 7, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday, June 7

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This week's Question is . . . .

Q: Have you broken up with a series? If so, which one and why?  

A:  After a bit of pondering, I remembered that, indeed, I did have a break-up --- with Dr Kay Scarpetta (Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta Series of murder mysteries). 

Postmortem (Kay Scarpetta, #1)Body of Evidence (Kay Scarp...All That Remains (Kay Scarp...Cruel and Unusual (Kay Scar...The Body Farm (Kay Scarpett...From Potter's Field (Kay Sc...Cause of Death (Kay Scarpet...Unnatural Exposure (Kay Sca...

I liked the books, but the subject material is so dark at times, with some truly evil people.   The situations and villians are  believable, though, which made the books all the more creepy and disturbing to me.  (Plus, my children were young at the time, and I certainly didn't want them picking up a Scarpetta novel, to find out what Mommy's reading.)  

Since my children are grown now, I may see if I can arrange a reconciliation with Scarpetta some day.

Who have YOU broken up with?



Jessica aGREATread

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
Never read that one myself. Didn't fit into my genre really!

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Have a GREAT weekend!

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Yeah, I've noticed that my genre of choice isn't exactly the most popular in this meme.  LOL

Thanks for hopping in!  I always enjoy your weekly visit to my F&F!

I will be over to visit yours shortly.


Naomi Hop

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
Oooh... I haven't heard of that series before, but reading too much dark stuff for me is just too much for me! Nice choice.

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I also had to break up with Stephen King years ago, not too long after having a dream about Christine driving up the driveway of my childhood home.  I took that as a sign to lighten up my choices of reading materials - LOL.

I will be at your Paranormal Palace for a visit shortly.  Thanks for hopping in!

Kaykay Obi

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
I remember giving K is for Killer Three Stars on Goodreads. I didn't really enjoy the book. It was 'just there' for me. I might still read other books in the series, though.

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Hi and thanks for the follow and visit!

If you ever decide to give Kinsey Millhone (K is for Killer) another try, I recommend that you begin at the beginning with A is for Alibi.

I visited your Goodreads page, and happened to notice all of the blogging groups you're in.  I had no idea there were groups like that.  I joined five of them, and signed up to read and review four books already. 

+Jane Reads Wow! Thanks for visiting. I have some pending reviews, so I don't accept any more review request at the moment.

Someone actually told me the same thing about Kinsey Millhone, that I should begin with A is for Alibi. I guess that's what I have to do now.

Thanks a lot! :)

You're welcome.

Another PI you might want to read about one day is Sharon McCone - book series by Marcia Muller.  But that series also should be read from the beginning.  

+Jane Carraway Thanks for the recommendation. I just checked the first book out and added it to my ever-growing TBR list. :)


Angie Godsey

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
I haven't read these yet.. but I know there are quite a few of them!!! I like your cat rating images!! cute!
Angela's Anxious Life

Thanks!  I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but it took me about an hour to finally get all of the tiny icons arranged just right - five on the top row, then four, etc.  I would try to add the next icon, and another one would bounce out of line.  SO frustrating - LOL.

Thanks for visiting!  I shall visit your blog soon.


Melissa Helms

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
I've broken up with a bunch of series, actually. I's sad. I broke up with SHIVER, FALLEN and definitely the TWILIGHT series. None of those worked for me.

I'm your newest follower...happy Friday! :)
Happy Saturday, Newest Follower!  Thanks for the follow and the visit!  Following you back by Google+


Madiha S

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
Oooh, murder mysteries. But then again too much of darkness can be bad for you. Never read any of these but I might just make an acquaintance.

Do drop by my FF. :)
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Thanks for dropping in!  So you're a Slytherin, eh?  Even though Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are my faves, I suspect I would have been sorted into Hufflepuff.