Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (June 24)

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.  

The participants post the books read in the past week, the current reads and the planned upcoming reads, and often find books to add to never-ending TBR lists.

This participant, however, did not complete any reads in the past week, so the books and goals posted in last week's It's Monday post are still current.  

Instead, I will share with you the books that I have added to my shelves in the past week.  (Who knows when they will be read, but that's irrelevant and totally beside the point.)

I took advantage of the Henery Press Beach Reads 99¢ sale, and purchased the following for my Kindle:

Private Spies (A Jesse Morgan Mystery 1)  I received an ARC of Private Spies from the author for review.

I purchased a Kindle edition of Finding Infinity.  Finding Infinity

The Cat, the Mill and the Murder (A Cats in Trouble Mystery, #5)The paperback edition of The Cat, the Mill, and the Murder that I purchased from Amazon arrived in the mail.  I love getting mail like that!

Well, that's it for my Book Week.  What about you?  

         What did you read (or acquire) last week?  

         What are you reading this week? 


Julie Smith

2 weeks ago  -  Shared publicly
A cozy!  Also ... LOVE those 99 cent sales!  Enjoy your reading week!

Thanks, Julie!  And thanks for hopping in!


Elizabeth P.

2 weeks ago  -  Shared publicly
ENJOY your week.

Silver's Reviews
My It's Monday, What Are You Reading


Thanks!  And thanks for hopping in!  I hope your week is enjoyable also.


Mardel Sissle

2 weeks ago  -  Shared publicly
I've had weeks when I haven't read anything - or rather when I haven't been able to finish a book.  I read, but somedays it's just a few sentences because it's hard to focus.  lol.  Or other times it's because I just cannot stick with one book until I finish it.  haha.  Oh well,  when we can, we read.  :)

Hope you enjoy your new books. :)">My Reading Week
Hope you enjoy your new books. :)

My Reading Week


Thanks!  I'm sure I will - it's just a matter of WHEN I get to enjoy them.

Thanks for hopping in, also!

this google thing is strange to me.   I just realized I had a notification....(slow on the tech learnin') :)