Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (June 3)


This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.  The participants post the books read in the past week, the current reads and the planned upcoming reads, and often find books to add to never-ending TBR lists.

The number of books I've read recently has been rather embarrassingly small, for an allegedly avid reader.  I am hoping that can be blamed on being on vacation at the beach last week, and on my older daughter's college graduation the week before.  
I am optimistic that my next week's It's Monday! post will have more than one book completed for the week.  Anyhow....

I completed one book this week, (but it was a very good book - five Kitties!)  Something Blue by Emma Jameson.

Something Blue, by Emma Jameson

Anthony Hetheridge, ninth baron of Wellegrave and chief superintendent for New Scotland Yard, will marry Kate Wakefield in three weeks. It’s inevitable–the invitations are out, the flowers are ordered, the cake is chosen. But murder waits for no man, and no wedding.

In London’s prestigious West End, a disgraced CEO has been murdered at Hotel Nonpareil, an exclusive destination. No one, it seems, liked Michael Martin Hughes. Not his estranged wife, Thora, or his defiant son, Griffin. Not Hotel Nonpareil’s manager, its head of security, or perhaps even the other two women in Hughes’s life: his future bride, Arianna, or his other girlfriend, Riley. Still more ominously, before Hughes died, he incurred the wrath of a potentially more unforgiving foe: Sir Duncan Godington, longtime nemesis of both CS Hetheridge and DS Deepal “Paul” Bhar.

For the first time, CS Hetheridge, Kate and Bhar find themselves under tremendous pressure to uncover the killer in the shortest time frame ever. Has Scotland Yard, not to mention Downing Street, lost confidence in Hetheridge? Will the murder conviction rest on hard forensic evidence, a mountain of circumstantial details, or an impulsive theft? Find out by returning to the world of ICE BLUE and BLUE MURDER in SOMETHING BLUE, the third mystery featuring Lord Hetheridge, Kate Wakefield and Paul Bhar.

I am currently reading After All These Years by Susan Isaacs.  

After All These Years, by Susan Isaacs
The day after her lavish wedding anniversary bash, Rosie Meyers gets a big surprise: her nouveau riche husband, Richie, is leaving her for a sultry, sophisticated, size-six MBA. So, when he's found murdered in their exquisitely appointed kitchen, no one is surprised to find Rosie's prints all over the weapon.
The suburban English teacher is the prime suspect -- the police's only suspect. And she knows she'll spend the rest of her life in the prison library unless she can unmask the real killer. Going into Manhattan on the lam, Rosie learns more about Richie than she ever wanted to know. And more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.
This book is really good!  So good, in fact, that I am going to stop blogging after this post, and go finish reading it - LOL.  (Reviews on all books to follow.)

 Next, I will read two books I received in the mail today, from the author Jane Bennett Munro, in return for my reviews.

Murder under the Microscope
Murder Under the Microscope is a murder mystery set in a small rural hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho. The story is told in the first person by the pathologist, Toni Day, M.D. Toni is not a forensic pathologist, not a medical examiner, and doesn't deal with murder as a rule; but in this story she finds herself not only involved, but accused, and must solve the mystery to keep herself out of jail and not get murdered herself.
"There was a dead body in my office. It wasn't mine, and I didn't put it there."
Dr. Antoinette Day, a young and successful pathologist in a small rural hospital, had no idea what she was in for when a beautiful female general surgeon came to the hospital to fill in for a colleague recovering from a heart attack. The newcomer makes Toni's life a living hell while taking every opportunity to discredit her with her other medical colleagues. When the surgeon is conveniently murdered, Toni is the obvious suspect, especially since the body is found in her office.
Now Toni finds herself in the position of having to solve the murder to keep from being convicted of it herself. The last thing she needs is to have a former boyfriend show up and start stalking her and threatening her husband. Stubbornly, Toni continues to delve into the mysteries surrounding the deceased and soon finds that it's not just her freedom that's at stake, but her life.

Too Much Blood
 Too Much Blood is a gripping book that reveals how one midnight call drastically changes everything in the life of a brilliant and young female pathologist—leading her to a life-threatening situation. Between its covers, you will follow Toni Day as she must use all her expertise to unmask a killer and save herself and her loved ones from a gory death. Follow her as she attempts to uncover the truths of the suspicious circumstances and complex web of events and resolve the conundrum. Riveting and action packed, this book will take you on a mind-blowing journey of a lifetime!
Pathologist Toni Day returns in this gory tale of a sleazy lawyer and his scam involving the doctors at Perrine Memorial Hospital, in which their earnings go directly into his hedge fund via an offshore leasing company, avoiding taxation. That is, until the economy takes its worst dive since 1929, and Jay Braithwaite Burke’s hedge fund is revealed as a Ponzi scheme. The Feds move in. Jay declares bankruptcy and disappears, only to reappear two months later, dead in his car in the middle of the snowy interstate.
At autopsy, Toni discovers that Jay bled to death. Shortly thereafter, Jay’s partner also bleeds to death. Jay’s widow and four children are kept on the move by a series of house fires, and soon everybody ends up at Toni’s house. Toni’s life is already complicated enough; her work schedule is brutal, and she fears that her husband, Hal, is having an affair. In the meantime, a mysterious illness casts a bloody pall over the Christmas season. Toni must use all her pathological expertise to keep her loved ones from a similar fate, and in so doing nearly comes to a bloody end herself.

Well, that's it for my Book Week.  What about you?  

         What did you read last week?  

         What are you reading this week?