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All Done With It by Maggie Toussaint | Blog Tour with Character Guest Post and Giveaway

All Done With It (A Dreamwalker Mystery) by Maggie Toussaint

About All Done With It


All Done With It (A Dreamwalker Mystery)
Paranormal Cozy Mystery
7th and Final in Series
Publisher: Camel Press (August 11, 2020)
Number of Pages: 211


A Jane Doe jogger homicide near the swamp mystifies Dreamwalker Baxley Powell. The petite woman carried no ID, and no one recognizes her. Worse, a shadow passes from the body to a deputy, rendering him unconscious. The deputy and the corpse are dispatched to the hospital and morgue, respectively.

With summer heat and pending childbirth on her mind, Baxley’s dreamwalks into the spirit world fail to yield leads, frustrating Baxley and her deputy husband, Native American Sam Mayes. Days later, Jane Doe’s description matches a missing Mississippi woman. Turns out, her new husband is missing too. Jane’s sketchy brother-in-law and her aunt arrive, full of secrets. At Jane’s campsite, the team encounters a terrifying anomaly, nullifying Baxley’s senses. With such danger present, they must protect their unborn child. No more dreamwalks will occur until Baxley gives birth. 
When her friend Bubba Paxton vanishes, Baxley sights him in a mirror, trapped between worlds with other souls.   Meanwhile, the shadow invades other hosts, demanding to see Baxley. Mayes and Baxley ignore the shadow as they rescue Bubba, untangle the Jane Doe case, and handle missing persons reports. To free the trapped people, Baxley must outwit a powerful foe. Can she stop this super villain before he steals her soul? 
In this 7th Dreamwalker Mystery, female sleuth and psychic crime consultant Baxley Powell works a homicide case that leads straight to an evil force in the spirit world. The stakes? Her soul, her unborn child, and humanity’s freedom.

About the Character Guest Post 

For Unto Us A Child is Born

By Baxley Powell Mayes,
psychic sleuth of Maggie Toussaint’s All Done With It

I cradled my hands around my big belly. At nine months, I was long past the joy of conception and the miracle that Sam Mayes had come into my life. At this advanced stage in pregnancy, all I wanted was to have the baby, only this child was in no hurry to go anywhere.

Judging by the way he often used his toes on my ribs to adjust position and get comfy, this baby loved nestling close. Could anyone blame him? After all, the world gets stranger every day, though being born into a Dreamwalker family is no walk in the park either.

As a child, I’d struggled with my extrasensory abilities, but I’d done my best to smooth the adjustment for my 11-year-old daughter and would do the same for my son once he finally arrived.

We planned for a midwife-assisted natural birth, but as usual, nature threw us a curveball of a huge storm as my delivery date loomed. So much is happening here, with the jogger homicide and the disappearance of people to the Wherever, and there’s so little I can do.

I’m frustrated and concerned, as well as glowing with good health and pleased with becoming a Mom again. Almost from the start, I tried out names in my head for this little one inside me, but he’d not responded to any name I tried.

Mayes, a full-blooded Cherokee, truly wanted a blending of our ways, so we’re going with his cultural tradition of having my mother name the baby. Not once in my entire pregnancy had she asked us what names we favored. I wasn’t concerned. Mom had off-the-charts intuition, often knowing things ahead of time in a prophetic way. I’m sure she’ll select a great name for baby Mayes.

Summer roared in early, and the temperature hit 90-plus with frequent thundershowers. June was no time to be this cumbersome and heavy. Not sure the heat was to blame but I’d had dreamwalking trouble recently, and, for the baby’s safety, ceased using my paranormal ability until he was delivered.

What a time for paranormal events to be happening all over the county! Dad’s best friend Bubba Paxton vanished without a trace, and then others did too, to say nothing of the shadow entity wreaking havoc on certain individuals. My offline status affected everyone, so this baby needed to be delivered.

Now, if I could just get this earworm song from Handel’s Messiah out of my head, “For Unto Us A Child Is Born.” On the other hand, humming it might inspire the baby to move along faster. Great idea — everyone, please start humming!  

About Maggie Toussaint 

Southern author Maggie Toussaint writes cozy and paranormal mysteries, romantic suspense, and dystopian fiction, with twenty-plus fiction novels published. A three-time finalist for Georgia Author of the Year, she’s won three Silver Falchions, the Readers’ Choice, and the EPIC Awards. She’s past president of Mystery Writers of America-Southeast chapter and an officer of LowCountry Sisters In Crime. She lives in coastal Georgia, where secrets, heritage, and ancient oaks cast long shadows.

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