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Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon | Blog Tour with Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway

E.J. Simon is back, with his latest

in the Michael Nicholas / Death series!


The Blurb

Is Alex Nicholas really dead?

Two years since the brutal shooting of Alex Nicholas, a gambling underworld boss in Queens, NYC. But his brother, Michael, a respected CEO, struggles with a secret: his murdered brother has been communicating with him via his laptop using AI. This AI-Alex can foresee dangers in Michael’s path, and appears to be trying to help him – even controlling machinery and electronics via WiFi. Meanwhile, trouble is stirring in the historic capital cities of Rome, Berlin and Paris. Inside the Vatican, Monsignor Kurt Schlegelberger has designs to build his power and prepare for the sudden ascension of the Free Forces Party, a throw-back to the Nazis.

Schlegelberger will stop at nothing, but first he must deal with a new threat: someone appears to know the true story behind a series of murders in the US, committed by clergy to cover their tracks of child abuse within the Church. Alex’s re-appearance puts Schlegelberger’s plans in jeopardy. Dead or alive, the way to finish off Alex for good can only be to get to his close family, namely his brother Michael…

This fast-paced third instalment of E.J. Simon’s Death series will keep readers guessing to the very end.

Praise for E.J. Simon

‘A fine technological thriller that only gets better as it goes along.’ – KIRKUS REVIEW

Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon
Genre: Suspense Thriller, Technothriller
Release date: July 27, 2018
Publisher: Endeavour Media (UK)
Paperback:  303 pages
ISBN-10: 1717734774
ISBN-13: 978-1717734778
e-Book File Size: 1446 KB
Amazon | Goodreads
Rating: PG-13+ M
(Includes religious profanities, some f-words and other rough language, non-explicit sex scenes, and violence.
Deals with mature themes such as adultery, murder, and church abuses.)

The Review

I just read a really good book, y'all — Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon. It's Book #3 in the Michael Nicholas / Death series, following Death Never Sleeps (#1) and Death Logs In (#2). I posted excerpts from both books in 2014, along with my Four-Kitty reviews for Book #1 and Book #2. I advise reading these two before reading Death Logs Out.

I jumped at the chance to read and review the third book in this excellent series, and Author E.J. Simon did not disappoint. Death Logs Out is complex, imaginative, well thought out, fast moving, action packed, thrilling, suspenseful, and vastly entertaining. The premise is fascinating! Death Logs Out is darker than the previous books, as more people suspect or know of Alex's existence. 

I enjoyed the dynamic between Michael and Alex. Their relationship is stronger now than it was when Alex was alive. Michael is well-written, believable, and complicated. Alex's abilities are evolving, and he is able to do more and more. This makes him intriguing, and an unlikely hero. I can't give you any specifics of his deeds, but he saves the day more than once.  

Death Logs Out kept me guessing until the end. I didn't want to put it down. Death Logs Out ends with a teaser for Book Four in the Michael Nicholas series. I was very happy to read, in Author E.J. Simon's bio, that he has just finished writing Book #4, Death in the Cloud. I can't wait until it's published! This is a series I will definitely continue reading.

I really enjoyed Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon, and hereby grant it Four Kitties!

Four out of five kitties
Note: I received a complimentary copy of Death Logs Out and voluntarily reviewed it. 
All opinions shared are 100% my own.

The Guest Post

There are other books out there about artificial intelligence. What makes mine different?

Death Never Sleeps, Death Logs In and Death Logs Out all deal with the concept of recreating a human being, including the brain, memory, personality, ethical makeup, and, most importantly, consciousness in a serious way.

The books take on some serious issues around the concept of replicating life through artificial intelligence such as immortality and how it would impact or threaten the role of the Church and organized religion, which has had a monopoly on the after-life. The books also demonstrate the lengths people and organizations will go to protect their turf, their power and their jobs.

Although the book is not hard science fiction at all, it also delves into the myriad of ways technology has made us vulnerable and exposed our private lives — and safety — to anyone with the proper technical skill and the desire to invade our personal spaces. There is no security anymore if we’re up against someone who really wants to get to us. There is no privacy.

I’ve tried to address these issues within the context of a murder mystery thriller — while keeping the story relatively light at times. So, while the stories deal with serious issues, including murder, they are not dark or complex reads. I interject some humor and colorful and real characters. In addition, I’ve purposely tried to lighten the stories by taking the reader into interesting locations and having the characters dine at actual and excellent restaurants around the world. In some cases, it’s their last meal.

The Author

About E.J. Simon

E. J. Simon is the author of three commercial fiction thrillers, Death Never Sleeps, Death Logs In and Death Logs Out. He has just completed his fourth manuscript, Death in the Cloud.

He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Mystery Writers of America and the North Carolina Writer’s Network. He holds an M.A. in Corporate & Political Communications from Fairfield University and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. 

He lives with his family in Cary, North Carolina in the United States. For more information, visit his website:

Find E.J. on the web at

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