Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cruisin' thru the Cozies 2018 Reading Challenge

This year's cozy mystery reading challenge has two ways to participate. You can choose whichever suits you the best.

A) Read only cozy mysteries of your choice.


B) Read one book from these sub-genres:

- One from culinary (anything dealing with food:  restaurants, baked goods, etc.)
- One from animal related (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)
- One from craft related (any kind of hobbies - knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc.)
- One from paranormal (witches, vampires, etc.)
- One from cozy mysteries based outside the US (example:  Belinda Lawrence series (British))
- One career-based cozy mystery (housekeeping, wedding planner, etc.)
- One holiday based (set during any holiday - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.)
- One travel mystery (character could be on a cruise, touring another area, etc.)
- One historical mystery (any mystery not set in the present)
- One is your choice!  (freebie!)

Here are the levels you can join, for either A or B…

Level one (Snoop) - 
A) Read 10 cozy mysteries of your choice.
B) Read one book in each of the above cozy sub-genres (total of 10 books)

Level two (Investigator) - 
A) Read 20 cozy mysteries of your choice.
B) Read all the books in level one plus an additional 10 cozy books of your choice (total of 20 books)

Level three (Super Sleuth) -
A) Read 30 cozy mysteries of your choice.
B) Read two books from each sub-genre in level one plus an additional 10 cozy books of your choice (total of 30 books)

Level four (Sleuth Extraordinaire) - 
A)Read 40 cozy mysteries of your choice. 
B)Read two books from each sub-genre in level one plus an additional 20 cozy books of your choice (total of 40 books)

For the rules and other information, visit Yvonne at Socrates' Book Reviews or at the Cruisin' group at Goodreads.

I'm going for Level 4 (Sleuth Extraordinaire) and I'm going with option B (2 books from each sub-genre, plus 20 cozy mysteries of my choice). I'll list them here.

1.  Culinary | Vangie Vale and the Strangled Strudel by R.L. Syme

2.  Culinary | Ginger Snapped by Gail Oust

3.  Animal-related | The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews

4.  Animal-related | Dog Dish of Doom by E.J. Copperman

5.  Craft-related | Wreath of Deception by Mary Ellen Hughes

6.  Craft-related | Natural Thorn Killer by Kate Dyer-Seeley

7.  Paranormal

8.  Paranormal

9.  Outside the US | Cloche and Dagger by Jenn McKinlay

10. Outside the US | The Killing at Kaldaire House by Kate Parker

11. Career-based (Auctioneer) | Death & the Viking's Daughter by Loretta Ross

12. Career-based (Shop-owner) | Murder, by George by Jeanne Quigley

13. Holiday-based| Double Deck the Halls by Gretchen Archer

14. Holiday-based| Wagging through the Snow by Laurien Berenson

15. Travel | In Cave Danger by Kate E. Dyer-Seeley

16. Travel | Caribbean Catastrophe by M.K. Scott

17. Historical | Alice and the Assassin by R.J. Koreto

18. Historical | The Silver Gun by L.A. Chandlar

19. Freebie| Stork Raving Mad by Donna Andrews

20. Freebie| All Things Murder by Jeanne Quigley

Additional 20 cozy books of my choice:

21. Duty and the Beast by Chelsea Field

22. Scone Cold Killer by Lena Gregory

23. Cast for Murder by Jeanne Quigley

24. Double Dog Dare by Gretchen Archer

25. Another One Bites the Crust by Ellie Alexander

26. Murder at the Puppy Fest by Laurien Berenson

27. Killer Review by M.K. Scott

28. Diamond Girl by Julie Mulhern

29. Dead Calm by Annelise Ryan

30. Christmas Calamity by M.K. Scott

31. Death Pledges a Sorority by M.K. Scott

32. Asking for Truffle by Dorothy St. James

33. Playing with Bonbon Fire by Dorothy St. James

34. Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy

35. Weddings Can Be Murder by M.K. Scott

36. Cat on the Scent by Rita Mae Brown

37. Shadow Dancing by Julie Mulhern

38. In Cold Chocolate by Dorothy St. James

39. Chicken Culprit by Vikki Walton