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Deadspeak 2 by Ruth Bainbridge | Book Blast with Excerpt and Giveaway

The Blurb

DEADSPEAK2. The chilling new entry in the Deadspeak Mystery Series.

Things look different when you're dead.

It’s Halloween and a group of teens throw a party at Harbinger Falls’ most celebrated haunted estate. It’s all fun and games until a session with a Ouija board guides the partygoers to the body of a young girl hidden in the attic. 

Detective Kimberly Trent is assigned the case and quickly discovers that all is not as it seems. First, there’s the connection between the death and a string of petnappings terrorizing the neighborhood. Then there’s the suicide note that only leaves more questions than answers. A visit from Kimberly’s ghostly friend Griff Lindon sheds an unwelcome light. It seems she’s had a run in with the newly deceased who tells her she’s been murdered. 

This is the second in The Deadspeak Mysteries. The entries are meant to be read in sequential order and do not stand alone. In each book, you’ll find a new murder for Kimberly Trent to solve. You’ll also find the continuing search for who murdered Kim’s sister Elizabeth. Each book will take you closer and closer to finding out the identity of The Hex Killer, the serial killer who ended Elizabeth’s short life. It will also bring you to the heart of the evil that’s come back to life to wreak revenge.

Deadspeak 2 by Ruth Bainbridge 
Series: The Deadspeak Mysteries, #2
Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Self Published 
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Print Length: 481 pages
ASIN: B0759YG1Z4  
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The Excerpt

“A missing cat, sir?” 

The shower with Max had turned into a lot more than earning a gold star in good hygiene. The afterglow of lovemaking stayed with her throughout breakfast, and the drive to work. It lasted right up until her talk with Captain Brody Walcott. 

He never failed to quash thoughts not related to work. 

What the hell was up with him anyway? How dare he propose such a ridiculous idea? After she’d helped solve the biggest case in Harbinger Falls’ history, he wanted her to find a cat? 

“Not one, Kim — several. And not just cats. Dogs and cats are disappearing with regularity and people are not happy.” 

“Tell them to call Animal Control,” she lashed. 

“Animal Control deals with strays, not family pets that are stolen.” 

It was a joke. It had to be a joke. She searched his dark eyes, but there were no signs it was. 

“I don’t care! Give it to Cinder!” she blurted, tossing the picture of Smoky across the desk. It skidded to a halt at the roughened hands of her illustrious leader. 

“Kim!” The angry tone shot through her; she bolted upright in her chair. “I know you think you’re a big detective and that this is beneath you, but there’s been over thirty dogs and fifteen cats abducted since September. There’s no accurate record since officers on this force have the same attitude you do.” 

“And what attitude would that be, sir?” 

“That pets aren’t important and that the police only deal with important things. Well, pets are important! Especially now that a few missing pets have turned into a pandemic.” 

“Sir, I understand that they’re important to the family, but —”

“Detective Trent, do you really think you know everything? Read up on the statistical link between abuse of animals and serial killers, then come back and tell me your opinion.” 

“Then you think —”

“What I think is that we either have a dog fighting operation or —”

“Or?” she prodded as he paused and took a swallow of black coffee. 

“Or that a very sick individual in our community may develop into something way more terrifying.

The Review, of Deadspeak Part 1

Deadspeak by Ruth Bainbridge is amazing, y'all — unlike anything I've ever read. I don't usually read paranormal books, but I am SO glad I made an exception this time

Deadspeak has two main characters, and the action is told from their alternating points of view. Kimberly Trent is a first-year detective for the Harbinger, Ohio PD. Almost 20 years ago, her big sister, age 13, was abducted and murdered. Kim has been tormented by this horrific event ever since, which led to her becoming a cop.

Griffin Lindon states in the book's opening sentence: "I'm not always right, but then, I'm only thirteen."  She has just completed eighth grade, where she was voted Most Popular in a landslide. Griff has charisma, and IT  that something that makes everyone want to be around her. Well, almost everyone  because someone murders her in the first chapter.

Griff, who's now a ghost, is at the crime scene when Kim arrives with her partner to investigate Griff's murder. While there, Griff realizes that Kim can hear her speak. After a bit, they develop a rather odd partnership. Griff doesn't remember any details of her attack at first, but eventually remembers enough to help solve her own murder.

Griff enjoys helping Kim so much that she has decided to stick around awhile (for them to solve more murders, in future books in the series). I loved Deadspeak, and can't wait to read Deadspeak 2The Deadspeak Mysteries is a series I will definitely continue with.

I recommend Deadspeak to anyone looking for a stupendous paranormal, suspenseful, mystery/ thriller. Deadspeak is a winner, and I can't say enough good things about it. I loved Deadspeak by Ruth Bainbridge, and award it our highest rating of Five Kitties!

Five out of five kitties
Note: I received a complimentary copy of Deadspeak, and voluntarily reviewed it. 
All opinions shared are 100% my own.

The Author

About Ruth Bainbridge

Born in the idyllic, sleepy town of Ithaca, NY, Ruth Bainbridge has been a lover of mysteries for her entire life.

Ever since a child, she has consumed detective stories at regular intervals, becoming enamored with all the superstars of crime. She loved nothing more than to match wits with the likes of Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Thomas Pitt, Lord Peter Wimsey, Richard Jury, and Edward X Delaney, becoming inspired by their brilliance. Hoping to emulate her writing idol’s achievements in dreaming up such characters, she started composing her own short stories.

However, life interfered with her plans of becoming the next hopeful to try a life of crime — on paper at least. Devoting herself to her marriage and the raising of four children, the empty nest syndrome gave her the impetus to return to her first love — murder. 

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