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Show Time by Suzanne Trauth | Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

The Blurb

The tide has turned for Dodie O’Dell since a hurricane upended her life on the Jersey Shore. Now she’s further up the coast in sleepy Etonville, managing a restaurant that dishes dinners themed around the community theater’s latest productions. But Dodie just never imagined she’d land the starring role in a case of bloody homicide . . .

Intrigued by rumors of vanishing box office money, Dodie has agreed to help oversee the casting of Romeo and Juliet at the modest Etonville Little Theater. If nothing else, it’s a welcome escape from the thirty-something’s usual going-to-bed-with-a-mystery-novel routine. But when Jerome Angleton, a well-respected member of the theater company, is inexplicably found murdered on the loading dock, deadly drama transcends the stage — and the page. As a crime wave crashes over the small town, the spotlight is on Dodie to orchestrate her own investigation behind the scenes . . .  before someone has a chance at a killer encore.

Show Time by Suzanne Trauth 
Series: A Dodie O'Dell Mystery, #1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Lyrical Underground, Kensington
Publication Date: July 19, 2016
Paperback: 228 pages
ISBN-10: 1601837208
ISBN-13: 978-1601837202
E-Book File Size: 711 KB
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For a sneak peek, click "Look inside this book" to read Chapters 1 and 2 of Show Time. 
You can also read an "Author Post, Behind the Scenes…" on Kensington's website.

The Review

I read a good book recently, y'all — Show Time by Suzanne Trauth. Let me tell you a little about it.

Show Time, the first book in the Dodie O'Dell Mystery series, is a quick read with interesting, well-developed characters. My favorite character is Dodie, the main character and narrator. I especially liked reading about her reactions to all of the behind-the-scenes goings-on of Romeo and Juliet auditions and rehearsals.

Even though I correctly suspected whodunit, I still enjoyed reading about how the perp was caught. What led to the murder was a bit unusual, and interesting to read about.

The one negative for me is the flimsiness of Dodie's reasons for her sleuthing (a pet peeve of mine). took off a Kitty from the rating because of this. If it's not something that bothers you, then add the Kitty back.

Even when Chief Bill Thompson confronts Dodie about her sleuthing,
● "I can't have you snooping around playing detective while my office is coordinating an official investigation."
● "... I warned Luther."
"About —?"
"About what?" Bill said simultaneously. He whipped around to face me. "Do you mind if I do my job?"
I stepped back. "No problem."
● Bill scoffed. "You have absolutely no respect for my office, do you?"
"I have respect for you. But I don't get it. You're not curious about what I found?"
"I can't use evidence obtained illegally, Dodie," he said firmly. 
Dodie continues to sleuth and withhold the info she obtains. This seems rather insulting to Bill and his police department. 

Show Time is a fun read, with a lot of humorous moments. Here's one of them, part of a conversation between Dodie and Stage Manager Penny.
"What's going on?"
"Walter is about to strangle Romeo."
Walter gesticulated broadly, than climbed up and down the ladder to demonstrate how easily one could master the steps. Romeo was having none of it. His every gesture said, "No way."
"Angoraphobia," said Penny confidently.
"Fear of rabbits?" I asked innocently.
Author Suzanne Trauth's experience as a playwright, screenwriter, and university theater professor is evident in the theater details and realism present in Show TimeMs Trauth has made a good start to her Dodie O'Dell Mystery series. The second book in the series, Time Out, is available for pre-order from Amazon and will be released on January 17, 2017.

I like Show Time by Suzanne Trauth, and grant it Three Kitties. 

Note:  I received a complimentary copy of Show Time in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions shared are 100% my own.

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The Author

About Suzanne Trauth

Suzanne Trauth is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and a former university theatre professor. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the Dramatists Guild. 

When she is not writing, Suzanne coaches actors and serves as a celebrant performing wedding ceremonies. She lives in Woodland Park, New Jersey. 

Readers can visit her website at www.suzannetrauth.com.

Find Suzanne on the web at

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