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Murder Gone Missing by Lida Sideris | Blog Tour with Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway

The Blurb

A girl, a guy, and a missing body. What could go wrong?

Newly minted lawyer Corrie Locke has taken a vow of abstinence. From PI work, that is. Until her best friend Michael finds his bully of a boss stabbed in the back after confronting him earlier that day. Michael panics, accidentally tampering with the crime scene… which could lead the cops to Michael instead of the real culprit. He turns to Corrie to track down the killer. She doesn’t need much coaxing. Her late great PI dad taught her the ropes… and left her his cache of illegal weaponry.

They return to the scene of the crime, but the body’s gone missing. Racing against time, Corrie dredges a prestigious Los Angeles college in pursuit of clues. All she finds are false leads.  Armed with attitude and romantic feelings toward Michael, Corrie dives into a school of suspects to find the slippery fugitive. Will she clear Michael’s name before he’s arrested for murder? 

Murder Gone Missing by Lida Sideris
Series: A Southern California Mystery, #2
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Soft-Boiled Mystery, Light-hearted Mystery
Publisher: Level Best Books
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Paperback: 262 pages
ISBN-10: 1947915045
ISBN-13: 978-1947915046
eBook File Size: 1482 KB
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The Excerpt

I moved toward the pick-up and stopped behind Squalley’s Honda. The flat had been fixed, but the dent in the bumper hadn’t been touched. So why was the car still hitched to Ian’s truck? “Veera, keep a sharp eye out.” 

“I only do sharp.” She scanned the grounds. “You think the body’s still in that trunk?” 

I pulled out an extra slim screwdriver and paperclip from my purse. “No, but there should be some sign that the body was in there.” I hoped. I shoved the ends of the paperclip and screwdriver into the keyhole. 

After a good amount of twisting and pumping, the trunk clicked and lifted slightly. “Bingo.” I peered inside. 

“What do you see?” Veera edged toward me. She leaned in to peek in the trunk. “Oh my.”

The Review

I just read a really good book, y'all — Murder Gone Missing by Lida Sideris, Book Two in the Southern California Mystery series. Let me tell you a little about it.

Murder Gone Missing is an intriguing and clever caper with umpteen LOL scenes. It captures a campus feel perfectly. The plot is entertaining, imaginative, and fast moving. Miscommunications and misunderstandings lead to many comedic moments. 

The sleuths — main character Corrie Locke, her best friend Michael, his other best friend James, and her legal assistant Veera — follow the clues they find, to such places as a surprising off-campus destination and to a vast mysterious underground warren. These characters, as well as the supporting characters, are well-written and believable. Author Lida Sideris provides plenty of plausible suspects, which kept me guessing to the end. 

I love the banter between Corrie, Michael, and James. Here's one of a multitude of examples.
"You have a suspect list?" James asked.
"Why is she a suspect?" Michael came around to face me.
"She's a complex math major with the capability of committing a complex crime. She's probably ruthless, judgmental, has no practical skills, and refuses to use contractions. ...."

And Veera is a hoot!
"Do you have a case? 'Cause I can help if you do. I'm good for bouncing things off of. Unless you got yourself another bouncer." A frown shadowed her smile.
 I pictured Michael and James, heads together, rustling up clues. "Not exactly."
"Then I'm your trusty sidekick. How about it?"
"Okay, but the futon's all I've got." 
"The futon's all I need." With a running start of two yards, she landed bottom first on the unsuspecting futon. It slumped, one side crashing to the ground. A short peg leg lay on its side against the floor.

Corrie made her print debut in Book One, Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters. Since I haven't read Book One, I looked it up on Goodreads and learned that Corrie is a new entertainment attorney at a L.A. film studio, who was "blackmailed into investigating the suspicious death of a co-worker." There are allusions, in Murder Gone Missing, to events in Book One — but I don't think they will be spoilers. I'll find out for sure, when I go back and read Murder and Other Unnatural DisastersCorrie has captivated me so much, that I must get caught up by reading Book One soon! 

Author Lida Sideris reports, on her blog, that there will be two more Southern California Mysteries in Corrie's future. I can't wait to read them! I will definitely continue with the Southern California Mystery series. 

I recommend Murder Gone Missing by Lida Sideris, and bestow upon it a rating of Four Kitties. I really enjoyed it!

Four out of five kitties
Note: I received a complimentary copy of Murder Gone Missing, and voluntarily reviewed it. 
All opinions shared are 100% my own.

The Author

About Lida Sideris

Lida Sideris is the author of the Southern California Mystery series, the latest of which, MURDER GONE MISSING, was published by Level Best Books. She writes soft-boiled mysteries and was one of two national winners of the Helen McCloy Mystery Writers of America scholarship award. 

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