Thursday, January 2, 2020

Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge 2020

I am joining the Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge 2020, hosted by Gregory Road.  

From Gregory:
I am excited to offer the Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge as an option for being creative with your reading goals this upcoming year.  
For folks who have not "picked your poison" in the past, I created this challenge to try to be a little more flexible than some reading challenges.  I remember looking at some challenges with only 10 or so topics and thinking "That might work for some folks, but I need more."  At the same time, I know not everyone has as much free time as I do (I've heard some people out there have these things called "friends" and "family"), and maybe a book a month is as much as you can manage.  I also created the wildcards to try to give you an opportunity to swap out some topics if you're just not finding anything.
There are five levels, starting with the Baker's Dozen (a book a month plus one) through the Freaky Reader (two books a week baby!). Topics are arranged in groups in order to push you a little out of your comfort zone, so that you can't read 4 children's books and skip the 500 page monstrosities. 

I will read a Baker's Dozen of books in 2020.

 1. Birds of a Feather: Owl Be Home For Christmas | Donna Andrews

 2. Shorts: Botched 4 Murder | J.C. Eaton