Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Purrfect Reading Challenge 2020

The third and final of Yvonne's challenges.

From Yvonne:
I’m back again with the Purrfect Reading Challenge. 
Two of my favorite things are cats and mysteries. So, I combined them for the *purrfect* reading challenge. It's very simple, this challenge is all about reading mysteries that have cats as the main characters.

Here are the levels you can choose from:
  • Purring - Read 1-10 cat mysteries
  • Kneading - Read 11-20 cat mysteries
  • Meowing - Read 21-30 cat mysteries
  • Catnip - Go crazy and read at least 31 and go as high as you'd like - the sky is the limit!

I will start out at the Purring level.